Many restaurant owners are deadly paranoid of robbery, and for good reason as well.  Restaurants are prime targets for robbers because of the large number of expensive equipment you can find in a typical restaurant.   Additionally, restaurants typically also have very large amounts of cash on site, which make them a tempting target for low lifes.  Its extremely important to get a security system set up by a legitimate locksmith who specializes in restaurant security.  We’ve used 24 Hour Locksmith Toronto, you can check out their website here.

There are a few different types of robberies-

  1. Employee Theft.  This is very common, far more common than armed robberies or burglaries.  Employees are in a position where they can easily steal because of their trusted position, and the fact that they handle most payments.  Unlike other businesses, restaurants are very vulnerable to this sort of employee theft as there are many small transactions, often in cash.   Employees typically steal small amounts which over long periods of time can amount to huge losses.  They typically are able to do this by manipulating transactions.  Most restaurant owners trust employees far too much which is an important reason why this happens.
  2. Armed Robberies-  This is the most dangerous form of robbery.  An armed robbery involves using the threat of violence or violence to intimidate employees into giving the armed robber cash or equipment.  These typically happen during open and closing times, when the restaurant is most vulnerable to armed robberies.  Ex employees are often involved in these armed robberies, especially disgruntled ex employees. During many armed robberies the assailants often wear masks to conceal their identity.
  3. Burglaries- Burglars will come in after hours when no one is there and attempt to steal cash or equipment.

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How to Prevent Robberies-

  1. To prevent employee theft there should be first a honesty policy that discourages employee theft.  Additionally its important to screen employees correctly for their work ethic and integrity.  There are certain tells you must learn to read to figure out if an employee is trustworthy.  Look at their past job history, the way they talk to you, and what they are doing with their life.  Additionally always run a background check on all employees.  You should make it very clear to all employees that employee theft will be punishable by the fullest extent of the law.  Ensure that a camera is pointed at the cash register, and that employees also monitor each other for honesty.
  2.  To prevent armed robberies, always ensure that 2 or more employees are setting up during opening or closing times, in different parts of the restaurant, that way one employee can call 911 quickly if he hears a commotion.  Additionally a security camera system should be set up, which you should monitor during opening and closing times.
  3. To prevent burglaries, ensure that you have safes set up for any cash or expensive equipment.  If you have expensive foods they should be in a lockable freezer.  You should have a CCTV system set up, as well as an alarm system.